A Proper Writer and Everything….

I’ve only gone and done it!!! After 47 years I’ve finally become what some people would call A Proper Writer. I mean, I’ve been writing since I could hold a stubby pencil, and I’ve had some work published; an anthology called ‘A Palette of Words’ carried a poem I wrote a few years ago entitled I will dance naked (perhaps a taste of things to come in my mission to grow old disgracefully), and magazines such as Real Magazine, which is sadly now out of print, and Writer’s Forum have published articles which I have written.


But, and here is where you have to imagine the fanfare, I have recently been given an amazing opportunity to write for Suburban Misfit Mom, an online magazine written for and by some incredibly talented and funny women who, as the name suggests, refuse to fit inside the box that society hands them; those who have never managed (and never wanted to)  wear the Stepford Wives hat and instead dance to their own tunes. And bugger what the neighbours say!

My first article is in the pipeline, and will of course be shouted from the suburban rooftops, but in the meantime why don’t you jump over to SMM and see for yourself?



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