Come on in, grab yourself a coffee, or a tea, or even a glass of wine, pull up a chair and join the mayhem that is the life of a middle aged mumma.

I’m Ailish, I’m 47, and a single mother of three human beings that I have watched grow from gummy bears on the scan screen to (2) adults, and one 11 year old who thinks she is. And I still don’t know how I did it, seeing as I am still a kicking, screaming teenager myself (at least in my head). I mean…I actually raised these people. I kept them alive! I’m mystified.

So, a little about me. I’ve always found it slightly narcissistic talking about myself (which may seem odd, owing to the fact that, by it’s very definition, a blog is writing about oneself, or at least one’s own lives) but there you go – people like to know about people. Well, in addition to being a mum I am also a grandmother to a beautiful lively little man, who is soon going to be a big brother to his new sibling who is due to make an appearance in September. I’m also a Time Traveller, more commonly known as a Past Life Regression Therapist, a Clinical and Analytical Hypnotherapist, a Holistic Pain Management Consultant, and a Writer.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me as I negotiate the choppy waters of middle age, motherhood, mating (well dating but I was going for an alliteration) and (a)musing observations on life. Did you see what I did there???


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