The Ex Files, Part One

car fire

So tonight I am angry. About three weeks ago my ex husband gave our son a car.

Aaahhh…that’s nice” is what you’re thinking, right?

Wrong. He has had this car for around 10 years. He decided to get a new one. This coincided with our son taking driving lessons. Now, I don’t know much about cars, and scrapping, but I do know that the price of scrap metal is really low at the moment so it would have been more hassle than it’s worth trying to get the car taken away and scrapped. So he made a’ grand gesture’ of giving it to our son.

I have a few grand gestures of my own to be giving him in return right now. Let me explain.

The first time my son, J,  drove the car, with me as named driver next to him, I ended up with a scalded leg. Every time he revved the engine boiling water poured out into the footwell. Next, the exhaust started making an unholy racket, and one of the bracket thingys had eroded, leaving the exhaust hanging off. So, with the help of that well known mechanic, google, J learnt what he needed to buy and do to fix these problems, which he did.

But at the weekend, not even 3 weeks after having it, I was driving into the town centre to pick J up, and the multi storey car park was full, absolutely rammed with overheating cars and even hotter, impatient drivers. As we crawled up the levels, the temp gauge started inching up, and suddenly all the bells and whistles were screaming at me (not to mention the stupid woman behind me…I mean, where could I go???). A light was flashing STOP.

Fortunately, I was near the top and managed to find a parking space. My daughter and son in law were waiting, and they started shouting at me to turn the engine off. As I did so, images of the batmobile came to mind as the steam rose from the engine, a huge cloud accompanied with a loud hiss, and a river of water and coolant gushed from under the car.

To cut a long story short, my ex has given my son a heap of crap, with problems that have been there for a while according to the mechanic. A gaping hole in one of the pipes means there is an air leak, the coolant system is completely knackered, the internal heating something is leaking and, to quote the mechanic…

“I can’t believe this car didn’t burst into flames while you were driving it. Don’t even move it from its parking space”.

Ok, so, this car had had these problems before J took possession of it. Ex must have known about these problems. Not only did he palm the death trap off on our son, he also neglected to tell him, so at any given moment that car could have become a fireball when either J or myself were driving, and with my other children AND my baby grandson in the back! HIS baby grandson. OUR children.

How? I mean…how? I have spent my life protecting my children, and he knowingly puts their lives at risk by giving our son a car that’s a ticking time-bomb. It’s unthinkable to me.

We were due to drive nearly 200 miles over the weekend, for my grandson’s birthday party – it makes me physically sick to think of what could have happened. Well…the photo at the top of this post is as good a guess as any.

Rant over, but I’m sure there will be more Ex Files to come.





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