Beautiful Flowers…




Have you ever seen a more unusual bouquet of flowers? I certainly haven’t. They were delivered to me last Saturday morning, and living in a village I am sure word has gotten around by now that I have a new admirer. I’m happy for them to think that!

Sadly not, however. I was asked to review a bouquet of flowers from Prestige Flowers, an online florists who offer the most incredible selection of flowers and gifts.

I received the Pandora Bouquet, a stunning and perfect arrangement of tropical flowers, so perfect in fact that they almost look artificial – not in a plastic sort of a way but rather because it is hard to believe that nature can produce such gorgeous looking blooms.


Possibly the best part, in a practical sense, for me was that the flowers were presented in such a way that all I had to do was remove them from their packaging (they came in their own water), fill the vase they came with, add the flower food and place the bouquet directly into the vase, exactly as it came. I am not the best at flower arranging, and the fact that these did not come with ridiculously long stems, but were cut to fit the vase height perfectly, was a huge bonus.

A week on, and the bouquet is still going strong. There is no wilting, no fading of colours, and no dropping of leaves or petals. I will keep Prestige Flowers firmly in my favourites, and after seeing first hand what a beautiful job they do, I would never use another florist. Definitely a 10/10.




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