A Weight Off My Mind


I know most of us are sick of the rain – it’s been coming down in biblical proportions here, Glastonbury is currently more like the setting for a hovercraft festival, and we’re getting to the point where I will soon need a boat to go to the local shop. It’s the Summer Solstice today – longest day of the year and the official start of summer.

And I am so far from being ‘bikini’ ready, that I’m secretly jumping for joy that the weather dictates a cover-up!

So, when the lovely people at Nutribuddy asked me to review their weight-loss kit I jumped at the chance (I seem to do a lot of jumping…does that count as exercise?). The kit comes complete with a pack of ‘Sculpting Whey’, a meal or snack replacement powder which you mix with water or milk and take in place of a meal or snack, a nifty little shaker, multi-vitamins, hunger-fix tablets and a couple of little books.

I won’t go into the science bit, because honestly…I don’t care how it works as long as it does. I must admit that, having been on meal replacement diets before, I didn’t hold out much hope for the shake tasting nice but honestly, it was bloody lovely! I made it with coconut milk, stuck a banana in, and blended it. It was really nice, didn’t have that artificial taste that a lot of the powders have, and went down (a bit too) well.

The hunger fix tablets should be taken before meals, and will (as the blurb tells me) reduce my appetite. Now, whether it’s psychological I don’t know, but I struggled to get through my evening meal tonight, and now, as I’m sitting here typing, I’m feeling uncomfortably full. In fact, to be honest, I feel a bit sick like I’ve just binged on a multi-pack of crisps and a triple pack of jaffa cakes…ahem, like I would imagine that felt anyway.


As you can see, they are fairly big, but they were, in fairness, pretty easy to swallow – taking them with 1-2 glasses of water (as advised) helps with that, and also goes someway towards the feeling of fullness, but who cares really?


Anyway, I will continue with the two week course that I’ve been given, and will blog again about how it’s going.

Take care




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