Nutribuddy Review


So, a while ago I was asked to test and review the Nutribuddy Weightloss System. I had a false start when I became ill just after starting it, so I waited until that had passed before trying again.

Now, I don’t like writing negative reviews, but I have to say that Nutribuddy is not for me. Don’t get me wrong, the meal replacement shakes taste  REALLY good, much nicer than the usual weightloss shakes. But there was something in either the vitamins or the hunger buster tablets that just did not agree with me. I tried them on three different occasions, but each time I came out in a cold sweat, felt dizzy and had to rush to the loo to be sick.

I’ve read other reviews which have given the system glowing reports, so I am sure they work for many people, but sadly not for me. One, or even two bad spells I could have put down to coincidence, which is why I tried a third time, but it isn’t a feeling I wanted to keep repeating.

Sorry Nutribuddy, but this diet just isn’t for me.


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