I’m cutting out Poo…

Shampoo, that is!

Got you interested though, right? Are you kidding me? Bathroom time is the only time we get some ‘me’ time, unless you have really little ones, in which case you have a teeny tiny audience most of the time. So no, I am not utilising some weird butt plug to stop the evacuation of waste matter!

What I am doing, is trying the ‘no-poo‘ method of hair washing. And if anyone wants to know about the dangers of shampoo, read this report – it’s scary stuff.

I’m not really into the whole science thing, but chemical shampoos strip the oils from the scalp, which then triggers the body to produce more oils, which then makes you wash more often and blah blah…you are in a vicious circle.

So, in the interests of keeping up the hippy status which my mother regularly accuses me off, and which is apparently the reason I never meet the right men, (ha…all the men I meet like to think they are right, all the time!) I decided to give it a go. And also, because, as a closet hippy I like the idea of reducing my carbon footprint.psychedelic-1503527_960_720

I had my last shampoo last Saturday, so 7 days ago. I normally wash my hair every day, but I resisted and instead hid the chip fat look under beanies and head wraps. On Tuesday I gave in – by this time I was risking face-planting the floor of my bedroom as my head was literally sliding off the pillow – and used a bicarbonate of soda/water ‘shampoo’, and a vinegar rinse (the idea behind this combo is that the soda is alkaline, so you need the acid of the vinegar to restore the PH balance).

The next day, well, I wasn’t impressed, to say the least.win_20161018_14_02_00_pro My hair was horribly greasy, and felt waxy and stiff.

But I’m stubborn, and yay for Pinterest! It has loads of ideas for hiding the mankiness!


I used an egg wash on Wednesday, which did cut through the grease, but you can’t use that too often as it’s too much protein, or something. And also, anytime I drop an egg I have to wait for one of the kids to come home and clean it up because it makes me heave. And it looks like  snot.


So anyhoo, yesterday I did another bicarb/vinegar wash and the difference is amazing! I got up this morning, expecting to have to do ‘something’ with it, like plait it, or buzz cut it (wouldn’t be the first time) but nope! It’s lovely and clean, and soft, and feels thicker.


Compare the first picture and this one. Both taken the day after a bicarb wash. I’m impressed.

So for now I will continue. I am hoping the worst is over. My hair doesn’t smell of vinegar, or egg, or…anything actually. I do miss the smell of conditioner, but that can be remedied with an essential oil/water spray. If I use Patchouli I will REALLY live up to my Mum’s image of me!

I will keep you posted!





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