Did you just smile at me, you sexist pig?


Recently I came across an article which claimed that men with manners were sexist.

Or, to be more specific, men who still practiced the art of chivalry. Apparently, according to the study, men who held doors open for ladies, gave up a seat for them, or any of the other behaviours associated with being a gentlemen, meant they were, in actual fact, sexist.

I’m sorry – maybe it’s an age thing, but I love to see a man with manners, and actually, a true gentleman extends this courtesy to everyone; male or female, young or old. Ok, so a gentleman in his 20s isn’t likely to offer up his seat to a man the same age, but he will offer it up to man in his 70s. Is that sexist? It can’t be, because they are the same sex. Is it ageist? Some might argue yes. I myself would think it instead shows a man who has been well brought up, to show respect.

Read the full article here at the fabulous



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