Too Close For Comfort


“I spent the morning preparing – long soak in the bath, legs shaved, bikini line trimmed and a quick tidy up elsewhere. I even shaved my underarms, although I had no idea why. Maybe I would be grabbing hold of the head of the bed to steady myself? Who knows? Then I had the dilemma of what to wear? Jeans? Hmm…a bit tricky to get off and on in a hurry. Skirt? Easy access but it was really cold out. I could wear tights but same problem as the jeans, plus they might get laddered in my haste to get them off! Jeans it is then.”


I’m a passionate advocate for the smear test. Not that I enjoy them because I don’t, and I’m not sure there are many women who do! But, as with most things in life, putting a humorous slant on things can go a long way to making them less awkward. Unless, like me, you have foot-in-mouth disease!

For the rest of the article, as usual, head to Suburban Misfit Mom where I can be found, putting the world to rights, with other equally irreverant writers!




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