A New Me…From Monday


I had a bit of a shock yesterday when I went to see my GP. Actually, it was more than a bit of a shock.

I had been sent to the hospital for an ultrasound scan on my gallbladder, because of the previous fiasco with a different hospital. The difference in treatment was amazing – the scan was thorough, and I was shown the scan pictures on which I could clearly see at least six gallstones. No surprises there.

No, my surprise came yesterday when I went to see my GP for the results. Fatty Liver Disease. It didn’t register for a moment because I wasn’t even aware that they were going to look at my liver (yes, I know the gallbladder is attached to it but still) and yet there I was, listening to the Dr telling me the scan showed areas of fat deposits. The good news was that it is stage one – there is no damage as yet to the liver, so the disease is reversible.

This will require a drastic change in lifestyle for me. There are two types of FLD, one is alcohol related, the other is not. I don’t really drink so it’s not as simple as merely cutting out alcohol. My vice is chocolate. woman-674977_640

So, I have spent the day looking into diet plans, and a lovely friend of mine gave me a book she wrote on clean eating, so from Monday that is what I will be doing – eating clean.

Fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, whole grain, no refined anything (no white sugar, white bread, white pasta etc) – I have to read it properly but I think the idea is to eat foods which are as close to their original state as possible.

Luckily for me, I love fruit and veg, I just got lazy with my eating habits. I am a full-time writer, so eating at my desk has become the norm for me. It’s much easier to grab something easy (and therefore processed) than to cook. Added to that, writing is a sedentary job so exercise doesn’t feature much in my day.

So…this weekend has been reserved for eating and drinking all the things I can no longer have, and then from Monday morning, the new, healthier me will appear. I figured I would document my journey, warts and all, because I am much less likely to fall off the wagon with people watching!

It was a bit of a double-whammy appointment – I was also told I have Gilbert’s Syndrome. GS is a benign condition, in which the body is unable to get rid of bilirubin properly. Drs will tell you there are no symptoms, but a quick google search says otherwise – fatigue, joint pains, and generally feeling like crap – all of which I do suffer from and which are more likely to make themselves felt during times of stress. It can also cause jaundice, which I have avoided so far.

So, all in all, it was a huge wake-up call for me. I’m only 48, and I’m a single mum. I have three children, and although two of them are adults now, my youngest is still only 12 and I have no intention of not being around for them – I want to be here for many years to come. I also have 2 beautiful grandsons, so I have far too much to miss by ignoring what my GP called an amber light warning.


This will be me…a thin Granny!


So – although I am not brave enough to post my weight, I will be posting my weight losses each week and documenting my struggles as I go, of which I am sure there will be many.

Wish me luck!



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