Losing the Will to Live!



Just a quick post today, because honestly, as the title says, I am losing the will to live.

What is wrong with some people???

I had a message today from a fairly nice looking guy – the conversation went like this:

“Hello sweetheart, why aren’t you at work today?”

“I am, but I work from home.”

“Oh really (winky face) nawty nawty” (he impressed me with his command of the English language)

“Um…yes, but I could always ignore you if you prefer?”

“Or I could stand beside you with my flies undone.”

What. The. Helllllllll?

So I have been forced to put a disclaimer on my profile, which reads as follows:

Update – I did say that I was looking for a gentleman, didn’t I? In whose vocabulary do gentlemen send disgusting messages, make suggestive remarks, and generally act like pre-pubescent boys? I’m not about to discuss my preferences with you, nor do I want to see what’s inside your pants. I don’t wish to imagine you standing beside me with your buttons undone (yes, I really got that message), and if I ‘love it’ I am certainly not going to tell a complete stranger. And no, just because I politely refuse your advances (which are done with the grace of a drunken lout at a wedding) does not mean I am a lesbian – it merely means that I have higher standards and quite frankly wouldn’t touch you with…well…yours.




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