Shaking the Rainbow


So, a couple of weeks ago I posted about my diagnosis of Fatty Liver Disease, and how I needed a ‘new me’ strategy.

I spent that weekend eating all the stuff I knew I would crave (chocolate eclairs anyone?) and then on the Monday I got stuck in with my new regime.

In the past, I have done Slimming World and Weight Watchers, both with great success, but I decided to go with WW again this time, as I know the plan better.

In my first week, I lost 2lb. My first-week loss is usually bigger than this, but remember I had eaten my body weight in junk the weekend before and I guess that was catching up with me!

Yesterday was my second weigh in and I lost a very satisfying 4lb!

So, 6lb off in two weeks makes me a happy girl indeed (and I’m sure my liver is thanking me for it!)


This is what 5lb of fat looks like! I lost 6!


Have I found it difficult? No, not in the slightest. For instance, usually with a curry, I would have a ton of rice and a naan bread. But last night I made tikka masala with a low fat sauce (we had been at my daughter’s all day so I didn’t want to start cooking when we got home) and I used Quorn instead of chicken, and filled half of my plate with mixed salad – no rice, no naan.

It was bloody lovely!

As a reward/incentive, I sorted out my wardrobe. It’s a double one, and on my ‘fat’ side I have all the clothes I wear now, and on my ‘thin’ side are all the ones which are too small for me. Do you know what struck me? The ‘fat’ side consisted of blacks, greys, and browns. But opening the other door was like shaking a rainbow – beautiful pinks, emerald greens, vibrant blues and oranges. I took out each and every item of clothing and smoothed it out, and then I put them all in among the dull ones – tops on one side, skirts, dresses and trousers on the other. No more fat vs thin clothes, now they’re all mixed up together and every time I open the door I am reminded of the gorgeous clothes I’ll be able to wear.

But it got me thinking – why do we do that to ourselves? I’m not on this diet for vanity, I am on it for health, but why did I feel the need to dull myself down with crappy colours? Anyone who knows me knows I am not a ‘matte’ kind of a woman, I like shiny, glittery, sparkly, and faaaaaabulous clothes.


The sad truth is that the media makes us feel unworthy of standing out, although that is changing with so many wonderful body positive bloggers around now.

I have a long way to go before I am at a weight and size which is ‘acceptable’ by today’s standards, but I’m not going to wait until then to shine. If I want to weave flowers into my hair I’ll do it. If I want to wear hot pink, I’ll do it. If I want to wear high heels, I’ll do it (as long as I don’t have to walk far, haha).

So, that’s my first two weeks of the ‘new me’.

I’ll keep you posted.




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